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Siena College, which was founded in 1937 as an institution of higher learning in the Franciscan and Catholic tradition, celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2012. The tab above, "Online Photos and Postcards," includes aerial views of the campus, College buildings, facilities and special places at a variety of points in Siena’s history.  Many of these buildings and places are currently part of the campus while others have vanished over time.  Perhaps most importantly the collection shows scenes from student life, past and present, revealing student activity, classrooms at work and special events.  These and many other images from Siena’s history are available to view at the Archives of Siena College’s Standish Library.

Also in the archives are other publications, the College yearbooks, catalogs, the Alumni News, Voices (a faculty publication), Siena master’s theses, Student Life handbooks, men's and women's basketball media guides, President's Reports, and minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings.  To preserve these unique items many of them are bound into volumes or stored in acid-free boxes.


If you wish to donate anything to the Siena College Archives, please contact Patricia Markley by email to or by telephone at (518)783-4196.

The following publications are needed to complete the Archives' collection.

Alumni Publications

Siena Alumni News: Spring 1981; Spring 1979; Spring and Summer 1978; Winter 1975; Winter and Summer 1974; Spring and Summer 1973. Other issues are welcome.
Its predecessor, Alumnus: We need all issues
Sienalumnus, first publication: we need 11 issues.

Athletic Publications

Men's Basketball: 1972-78; anything prior to 1971.
Women's Basketball: 1989-90; 90-91; 92-93; 96-97; 1971-1978.
Men's Football, All we have is 1995 and 1997.
Softball and Volleyball--all publications needed.
Lacrosse, Track, Golf, etc--all publications needed.

Student Publications

Beverwyck, 1948-1989
Student newspaper: Promethean (recent title)--any 1996-97 issues; Siena News--Missing at least one issue of the following volumes: 5 (45-46), 8 (46-47)j, 12 (50-51), 16 (1954-56), 21 (1959-60), 22-24 (60-63), 27-31 (65-70).

Theatre Playbills

Any playbills are appreciated.


Siena College Archives
Standish Library Room 208 

Patricia L. Markley, College Archivist           
Phone: (518) 783-4196
FAX: (518) 786-5097 

By appointment 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.