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Theatre: Acting and Directing

Acting and Directing

The books on this page are just a selection of those available at the Standish Library. Take a moment and browse.

Acting: Books

The following are just a selection of books about acting available from the Standish Library.

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Biography, Autobiography, and Memoirs: Actors

Edwin Booth was arguably the preeminent American actor of his time, living at a time when actors performed primarily on stage, in theaters. Today, and in the recent past, actors perform in a variety of forums, e.g. stage, film, television, and other media. The actors represented in the books below, may have had (or have) diverse careers, but all have made significant contributions to theatre.

Featured Books about Directors

Directing: Books

The following are just a selection of books about stage directing available from the Standish Library.

Biography, Autobiography, and Memoirs: Directors