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What is a Record?

A record is any recorded information, regardless of physical format, which is created, received or maintained by any department or individual in the College during the course of conducting College business.  

This includes paper documents (letters, memos, completed forms, directives, reports, photographs, maps, drawings, etc.), as well as information recorded in other formats (microfilm, motion pictures, sound recordings, computer tapes and disks, etc.).

An inactive record is one that is no longer used in the day-to-day course of business (less than once a month), but which may be preserved and occasionally used for legal, historical, or operational purposes.

The Records Management Department

The mission of the Records Management Department is to provide a systematic, cost-effective approach to the management of all records created, received, and maintained by the College and to ensure those records determined to be of enduring value are preserved and made available for use by authorized users.  Most records don’t need to be kept forever and our records management program works with participating departments to ensure that records no longer needed or required to be kept are destroyed according to properly authorized disposition schedules and in a confidential manner.


Participation in the Records Management Program offers College departments and offices several important advantages. Inactive files stored by Records Management free valuable departmental office space for other uses. The system in place provides environmentally safe storage, confidentiality, and easy and prompt retrieval of documents when needed. The Records Management staff also handles the disposal of records that have reached the end of their retention periods.  All campus departments and offices are encouraged to take advantage of this service.  Disposition of obsolete records saves time, money, and helps protect the College from litigation.


Any department that would like to join the program can do so by contacting Pat Markley, Records Manager, at 782-4196 or .  She will meet with you to set up a retention schedule, which includes the types of records to be stored and their respective retention periods.  Les Talma will work with you on the nuts and bolts of storing your records at the Records Center and retrieving records when you need them.


  • Records created in the course of business at Siena College are the property of Siena College.  This includes paper records and electronic records.
  • It is your responsibility to create and maintain records to adequately document your department’s efforts.
  • Disposition of obsolete records saves time, money, and helps protect the College from litigation.

Contact Us!     

Pat Markley, Records Manager

(518) 782-4196;

Les Talma, Records Management Assistant
(518) 782-6871; 

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