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Using Special Collections: Franciscana

This research guide was built to help students use the special collections in the Fleet Special Collections Center in the J. Spencer & Patricia Standish Library at Siena College

Early Printed Books

  1. Mauri, Francesco. Francisci Mauri Hispellatis Minoridae Francisciados libri XIII. Florentiae: Carolum Pectinarium, 1571.

    The story of St. Francis of Assisi and his knights of poverty, the Franciscans written in verse.

  2. St. Bonaventure, 1217-1274. Opuscolorum Theologicorum. 1611.

    A seventeenth century edition of the theological works of the great Franciscan saint. Two volumes bound as one, recently rebound in the style of its time.

    The volumes include many of Bonaventure’s theological treatises, sermons and meditations.

Medieval Documents & Manuscripts

  1. Papal Bull of Innocent IV. Document on Vellum. Rome, 20 June 1244.

    Church document approving the Breviary of the Friars Minor.

    Verso includes title and date in red and black letters.

  2. Image of St. Francis by Bernard Naudin in Saint Francis d'Assisi; son oeuvre, son influence, 1226-1926. Paris: E. Droz, 1927.

  3. Breviarium Franciscanum ad usum Provinciae Tusciae, scriptum certo ante 1450:

    deest festum S. Bernardini Senensis, canonisati a 1450.

    Manuscript breviary produced in Italy about the year 1425.

    The provenance of this item indicates that the prayer book belonged to Franciscan communities in Tuscany during the lifetime of Saint Bernardine of Siena.

  4. Leaf from 15th century northern German monastery. German Gothic script in black ink on vellum.

    The first line exhibits a wonderful example of a flourished letter ascender. Text is from St. Bonaventure's Opera and possibly his sermons.

Modern Books & Booklets

  1. Boniface, Father. Pioneering in the West. Memories of his Life and Experiences in the West with the Franciscans. British Columbia: Evergreen Press Limited, 1957. xiv + 278pp. Illustrated with black and white photographs. Original blue gift-stamped cloth.
  2. Habig, Marion A. The Franciscans at St. Augustine's and in Chicagoland. Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, 1961. Octavo, 71 pp.
  3. Little, Andrew George. Introduction of the Observant Friars into England: a bull of Alexander VI. London: Milford, 1941.
  4. Mooney, Canice. Irish Franciscans and France. Dublin: Clonmore and Reynolds, 1964. 138 pp.
  5. Saint Francois d'Assise. I. Vie de Saint Francois. II. Saint Francois apres sa mort. Paris: E. Plon, Nourrit et Cie, 1885. xvi. 438 pp. A folio book, 2 volumes bound in one with ornate gilt pictorial boards. Includes 35 plates and numerous illustrations.
  6. Analecta Franciscana sive chronica allaque varia documenta ad historiam Fratum Minorum spectantia. Volume 1. Ad Claras Aquas (Quaracchi): Ex Typographia Collegii S. Bonaventurae, 1885 - . (BX 3601 .A5)
  7. Wadding, Luke. Annales Minorum seu trium ordinum a S. Francisco institutorum, auctore a.r.p. Luca Waddingo Hiberno. 31 volumes. Florentia: Ad Claras Aquas (Quarracchi), 1931 - .(BX 3606 .A2 W3) A history of the Franciscan Orders from the time of St. Francis until 1680.
  8. Cleary, Gregory. Father Luke Wadding and St. Isidore's College, Rome: biographical and historical notes and documents... A contribution to the tercentenary celebrations, 1625 - 1925. Rome: Tipografia del senato del G. Bardi, 1925.
  9. Hanley, Boniface. The Franciscans: love at work. Patterson, NJ: St. Anthony's Guild Press, 1962. (BX 3602.2 .H3) Story of the secular Franciscan Order.
  10. Callahan, Adalbert John. Medieval Francis in modern America; the story of eighty years. New York: Macmillan Co., 1936. (BX 3608 .C3) A history of the Franciscan Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus in the USA to 1935.
  11. Joergensen, Johannes. Pelerinages franciscains...Paris: Perrin St. Cie, 1922.
  12. Golubovich, Girolamo. Biblioteca Biobibliografica Della Terra Santa e Dell'Oriente Francescano. 9 of 12 vols. Quaracchi Presso Firenz, Tip di s. del Collegio Bonaventura, 1927. A biobibliography of early Franciscans and Franciscan Missions in Palestine and the Middle East.
  13. Macdonell, Anne. Sons of Francis. London: Dent, 1902.
  14. Origo, Iris. The world of San Bernardino. New York: Harcourt & World, 1960. Biography of St. Bernadine of Siena, 1380-1444.
  15. Thureau-Dangin, Paul. Saint Bernardine of Siena. London: Dent, 2006. Biography of St. Bernardine of Siena.
  16. Federer, Heinrich. Der heilige Franz Von Assisi. Munchen: Verlag der Gesellschaft fur christiche Kunst, 1924. (BX 4700. F6 F329)
  17. Irish Franciscan Church and College. St. Isidore's Rome. Carletti's photo album located in vault.
  18. Saint Francis d'Assisi; son oeuvre, son influence, 1226-1926. Publie sous la direction de Henri Lemaitre et Alexandre Masseron...Crayon hors texte de Bernard Naudin. Paris: E. Droz, 1927.
  19. White, Joseph M. 'Peace and Good in America: a history of the Holy Name Province Order of Friars Minor 1850's to the present. Epilogue by Dominic Monti. NY: Holy Name Province O.F.M., 2004.
  20. Bernardino de Siena, Saint. Examples of San Bernardino, chosen by Ada Harrison, illustrated by Robert Austin. London: Howe, 1926. A book of homiletic illustrations. (BX 4700 .B55 H3)
  21. Ford, Michael. Father Mychal Judge: an authentic American hero. NY: Paulist Press, 2002. (BX 4705 .J767 F67 2002)
  22. La Basilica patriarcale di S. Maria Angeli Assisi. Assisi: Edizioni d'arte "Porziuncola", 1970. (NA 5621 .A8 B23)
  23. Giotto. Frescoes in the upper church of Assisi; NY: Kraus, 1949 (ND 1190 .G5 vault portfolio)
  24. Moses, Paul. The saint and the sultan: The Crusades, Islam, and Francis of Assisi's mission of peace. New York: Doubleday Religion, c2009.
  25. Arundel, Eusebius. Stories about Saint Francis: retold from the Little Flowers, 4 vols. … illustrated by Robb Beebe. Paterson, NJ: Saint Anthony Guild, 1946- .
  26. O'Higgins, Brian. The Little Book of Saint Francis: prose by Brian O'Higgins and scribe work by Una Watters, Dublin, 1958. A very little book (32 pages) of prayers, verse, and illustration.
  27. Monti, Dominic. Coming of the Friars to Allegany: One college, two provinces, many lessons. NY: Franciscan Friars, Holy Name Province, 2003.
  28. Rieti, Ubaldus da, Father. Life of St. Anthony of Padua. Boston: Angel Guardian Press, 1895.
  29. The Francis Book: 800 years with Saint Francis of Assisi. NY: Coller Books, 1980.
  30. Repplier, Agnes. Junipero Serra, pioneer colonist of California. NY: Doubleday, Dorn & Co,. 1933.
  31. Engelhardt , Zephryn, Father. The missions and missionaries of California. 5 vols. San Francisco: James H. Berry Company, 1908-1915.
  32. Thode, Henry. Franz Von Assisi und die Anfange Der Kunst Der Renaissance in Italien. Berlin: G. Grote, 1885. (N6913.T51 1885)
  33. Facchinetti, Vittorino. S. Bernardino da Siena. Mistico sole del secolo XV. Opera ampliamente illustrate. Milan: Edit S. Lega Eucaristica, 1933.
  34. James, Father. The Franciscsans. London: Sheed & Ward, 1930. First Edition, 1930. 110 pp. Small book in a dust jacket with the symbol of the Franciscan Order.
  35. Kleinschmidt, Beda. Sankt Franziskus Von Assisi In Kunst und Legende. M. Gladbach, B. Kühlen, 1919. (N8080.K6)
  36. Polidoro, Gianmaria. Francis of Assisi: innovator for a new society. General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions, 1994. (BX4700.F6 P613 1994)
  37. Faure, Gabriel. The land of St. Francis of Assisi; Assisi and Perugia. London: The Medici Society, 1924. (DG975.U5F3)
  38. Richmond, William Blake. Assisi: Impressions of Half a Century. London: Macmillan, 1919. (DG975. A8R5)