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About the FYSM: Trauma in Literature and Film Research Guide

This guide was created as a research starting point for students taking the First Year Seminar: Trauma in Literature & Film with Dr. Michelle Liptak. It should also be useful for students taking other courses. This guide is not meant to be exhaustive You may need to consult other resources.

Finding Articles

The following databases are good sources for locating articles from scholarly journals and reputable news publications.  These are just a selection from those available from the Standish Library.  Not sure what the best database is for your topic? Ask a librarian.

Locating Films at the Standish Library


DVD Collection

The Standish Library has a large collection of films (including  documentaries, feature films, and even some television programs) available on DVD. Most of these films are shelved on the library's lower-level, in call number order (just like books, but in a separate section).  To find out if we own a film, search Saint Search by title.  


The Course Theme Description

In this course, we will explore traumatic experiences - both real and fictional - that are shared through various forms of storytelling. Thinking of trauma as a signal or mark of oppression and subjugation, we will carefully consider whose stories are represented and remembered (and whose are not) while also examining the role of larger social, political, economic, and cultural influences and institutions. Some of the issues that will be explored while "reading" narratives of trauma and triumph include: memory (individual, collective, and cultural), bearing witness, testimony, loss, responsibility, and survivorship.

Saint Search


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