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Siena Special Collections: Highlights of the Collection


  • Fox, John, 1516 –1587. Acts and monuments of matters most special and memorable, happening in the church… 9th edition. London, printed for the Company of Stationers, 1684.
  • Burniing of a Martyr 
  • Popularly known as Foxe’s Book of Martyrs or Martyrology. Covers the history of persecutions from the earliest Christian times to the reign of Mary Tudor.  The library’s folio edition copy (1684) is in three bindings. Description: 39 cm. Spine rebound in leather.  Original boards covered with tape.
  • Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536. Epistola nuncupatoria ad Carolum Caesarem: Exhortatio ad studium Euangelicae lectionis: Paraphrasis in Euangeliu Matthaei. Basil: Apud lo. Frob., 1522.
  • Erasmus of Rotterdam’s Paraphrases on the Gospel of Matthew together with an introductory epistle to Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V.  The library’s copy contains a four page letter and extensive notes written in the Italic script of the sixteenth century. Description: 17 cm.  book clasps restored; leather spine restored.
  • Fuller, Thomas, 1608 - 1661. The historie of the holy-warre. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Printed by R. Daniel for Thomas Buck..., 1640. This work is an account of the Medieval Crusades by a Royalist clergyman. Description: Leather binding,  28 cm. Includes folded map of Palestine.
  • Josephus, Flavius.  Josephus de Antiquitatibus ac de bello Judaico. Venetiis, 1510. Published in Venice on October 29, 1510, the work includes two of the ancient historian’s most notable works, Antiquities and the Jewish War.  The work was translated from the Greek into Latin by Tyranius Rufinus of Aauileia (345-410 A.D.), a Roman priest and theologian, and a contemporary of St. Jerome.The Latin text of Josephus was first printed in 1470 and an earlier edition of this book was produced in Venice in 1499. Description:  31 c m. lacks title page. bound in vellum. illustrated.
  • Cicero, Marcus Tullius.  M. Tullius Cicero Mannvcciorum Commentaries illustratus antiquaeq lectioni restitutus. 10 volumes... Venetiis: Apud Aldum, 1578-1582. Collection of the works of Cicero in nine bindings.  Published in Venice by Aldus Manutius the Younger, 1547-1594.  His father, Paulus Manutius, was dedicated to the study of Cicero.  He contributed much of the commentary and editorial work done in these volumes. Description:  9 bindings, 32 cm.
  • Milton, John.  Paradise Lost, a Poem in Twelve Books. 5th edition. London: Printed for R. Bently and J. Tonson, 1691. Rare 1691 edition of Milton’s famous work published by Richard Bently, a bookseller in Covent-Garden. Description:  31 cm. includes frontispiece with portrait of the author.
  • Plinius Caecilius Secundus, C.  C Plinius Caecilii Secundi, Novocomens. Epistolarum lib x einsdem Panegyricus Traiano Dictus. Paris: Veneut Iodoco Badio & Ioanni Roigny, 1533. Published by Jodocus Badius Ascensius, a Latin scholar who specialized in publishing quarto & folio editions of the Latin classics.  This copy concludes with a hand written speech signed by Jodocus Badius Ascensius. Description:  32 cm.
  • Hall, Joseph, Bishop of Exeter, 1574-1665. The Works of Joseph Hall, B. of Exeter: with a table newly added to the whole worke.  London: Printed by John Haviland, 1628. A collection of his sermons theological treatises known for their wit and satire. Description: 1321 p.  33 cm.
  • Muret, Marc Anthony, 1526-1585. M. Antonii Mureti Variarum lectionum libri XV… Antuerpiae, Ex officiana Christophori Plantini, 1580. A collection of classical commentaries by the 16th century French humanist and classical scholar, Marc Anthonie Muret (Maretus).
  • Relacion de algvnos martyrios, que de nueno han hecho los hereges en Inglaterra.  Madrid: Pedro Madrigal, 1590. A tract about Catholic martyrs in England and other matters Translated into Spanish by the English Jesuit, Robert Parsons. Description: 15cm. Bound in vellum
  • Raleigh, Sir Walter, 1552 - 1618.  History of the world in five books. 11th edition to which is prefixed the life of the author newly compiled by Mr. Oldys... London: Printed for G. Conyers, 1736. Originally published in 1614 the work is one of the 17th Century’s principle glories.  It was written while Raleigh was imprisoned in the tower of London. Covers the history of the world up to 130 B.C. Description: 2 volumes bound as one.  36 cm. Includes maps, portrait.  Bound in leather with gold, red and black trim.
  • Recueil d’estampes d’apr’es les plus beaux tableauet d’apres les plus beaux desseins qui sont en France, dans le Cabinet du roy dans celuy de Monseqgneur le duc d’Orleans, & dans d’aus d’autres cabinets...Paris, de L’Imprinmerie Royale, 1729; 1742.  2 volumes. Popularly known as the Cabinet Crozat, published in 1729 by the French financier and art collector Pierre Crozat.  The catalog consists of illustrations taken from the major collections of art in 18th century France. Paintings owned by the King of France and Le Duc d’Orleans are among those included. Description: 2 folio volumes bound in leather, 54 cm.
  • Breviarium Franciscanum ad usum Provinciae Tusciae, scriptum certo ante 1450: deest festum S. Bernardini Senensis, canonisati a 1450. Manuscript breviary produced in Italy about the year 1425. The provenance of this item indicates that this prayer book belonged to Franciscan communities in Tuscany during the lifetime of Saint Bernardine of Siena. Description: 11 cm. Housed in dedicated leather box.
  • Rogers, Samuel. Italy, a poem. London: E. Moxon, 1836. The unique feature of this book is a fore-edge painting depicting an Italian river scene.  The covers are hand colored and the work is illustrated with engravings after Turner, Stothard and others. Description: 21cm. Housed in a buckram box.
  • The Gentleman’s Magazine. London: Jefferies, 1731-1837. This periodical, founded in 1731 by Edward Cave, was originally intended as a monthly reprint of topical news and essays. Under the influence of Dr. Samuel Johnson the magazine soon took on a more serious character, publishing parliamentary reports, maps, music and bibliographies. Siena College Library owns 97 volumes published between 1731 and 1837. Description:  20-24cm; rebound in brown buckram with black & gold trim by the Harcourt Bindery.
  • Johnson, Samuel.  A Dictionary of the English language in which the words are deduced from their originals and illustrated in their different significations by examples from the best writers. London: W.  Strahan for J. Knapton, 1755. A first edition of Johnson’s famous dictionary of the English language. Description: 43cm; rebound in three volumes in the style of its time by the Harcourt Bindrey.

Burning of a Martyr

Highlights 2nd Edition

Hall, Joseph. The Works of Joseph Hall, Bishop of Exeter: with a table newly added to the whole work.
London: Printed by John Haviland, 1628.