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Asian American Literature: Welcome


The following are just a selection of anthologies of Asian American Literature available from the Standish Library.

About the Asian American Literature Guide

The authors and literature covered by this guide represent diverse cultural and geographical heritages including Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Asian American Literature Course Offered at Siena College

From the Siena College Catalog
ENGL-268, Asian-American Literature: This course surveys the development of Asian American literature within the context of different Asian and Asian American Cultural and historical traditions, and dominant American literary, racial, and political discourses. Students will read a wide array of literary, theoretical, and critical works by Asian American writers. Same as MULT 345 and ENGL 374. (ATTR: ARTS, CAL, CFD, AMSC, ALST, LTAM, MULT)

Featured Author: Gish Jen