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Horror Novel Course Offered at Siena College

From the Siena College Catalog:
ENGL 367 - The Horror Novel
In this course students will study a specific genre of fiction: the horror novel. The horror novel as a genre first appeared in English-language literature in the late eighteenth century, and has unfolded in many permutations through the twenty-first century. Readings for this course may span the two hundred plus years of this genre, and/or take a thematic approach. Students will study the distinction between "horror" and "terror" and discuss the "gothic" and the figure of the "monster" all in conjunction with literary analyses. Works by authors such as Matthew "Monk" Lewis, Ann Radcliffe, Bram Stoker, Shirley Jackson, Anne Rice, Thomas Harris, and Stephen King may be included in the course. (ATTR: ARTS, LTTP)

Featured Author: Stephen King

The books listed here are just a selection of books about Stephen King's work.  For copies of his novels or short stories, search Saint Search and limit the search to books.

Stephen King--Memoir

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