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Siena College Mission Resource Guide

Siena College Mission Resource Guide

The Siena College Strategic Plan calls for the engagement of mission in all four of it's pillars:
To provide all constituencies the resources critical to realizing this goal, we present this Mission Resource Guide. 

This libguide is created in conjunction with the Franciscan Mission Resource Guide found on the Siena College website:

This Mission Resource Guide has been constructed to assist faculty, staff and administrators in engaging the mission, values and Franciscan root of Siena College. The resources listed will provide users a foundational knowledge of these mission topics. There are Friars available who are willing to assist those who may want a more detailed or scholarly approach to these topics. The Friars involved in the construction of this guide look upon it as a 'work in progress', a guide in need of constant updating and revision; we welcome any and all ideas as to how we might make it more user-friendly for our audience.  

For the resources listed in this guide, we offer a three levels of resources depending on your current understanding and/or desired level of interest.

Readership recommendation:

♦ - Beginning interest resource / Building a foundation.

♦♦ - Intermediate interest resource / Wanting to know more than the basics.

♦♦♦ - Academic or intense interest / What research has been contributed through scholarly communication

The Lives of our Founders and Patrons: Francis of Assisi (Alphabetical by Author)

ARMSTRONG, R. "Francis of Assisi, St." In New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd ed., 870-871. Vol. 5. Detroit, MI: Gale, 2003. Gale eBooks. ♦
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Some Reviews of this important work:

Acocella, Joan. “Rich man, Poor man: Books.” The New Yorker. New York: Condé Nast Publications, Inc, 2013. ♦
Link to Review

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Link to Review

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Suggested Articles (Alphabetical by Author)

Cahill, Thomas. “The Peaceful Crusader: Op-Ed.” The New York Times. New York, N.Y: New York Times Company, 2006, Late Edition (East Coast) edition. ♦
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Delio, Ilia, Keith Douglass Warner, and Pamela Wood. “A Return of Love for Love.” National Catholic Reporter 45, no. 4 (2008): 6–eoa. ♦
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Francke, Linda Bird "Climbing in St. Francis' steps." New York Times, Dec 21, 2003.  ♦
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Horan, Daniel P. “What’s in a Name? The Significance and Challenge of St. Francis for Pope Francis.” America (New York, N.Y. : 1909) 208, no. 14 (2013): 19–eoa. ♦♦
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Multiple Authors, "Francis of Assisi" Christian History. (Entire Issue) 13,no. 2 (1994).  ♦♦
Link to issue here  

Mulholland, Séamus. "Francis of Assisi: Harbinger of a New Medieval Radicalism" The Cord. 48. no. 6. Pgs 292-300. ♦♦♦
Link to issue containing article (Entire issue will download as PDF).

McCloskey, Pat. "Francis: Saint for a new millennium". St.Anthony Messenger. 01. (1999)  ♦♦
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Newman, Mathias. "The Holiness of Saint Francis: Spiritual Vision and Lived Suffering" Review for Religious. 44. no. 5 (1985) Pgs. 679-90. ♦♦♦
Link to Bound Periodical Location in Standish Library Journal Collection  BX2400 .R4

Schmuchi, Octavian (Ignatius McCormick trans.) "The Mysticism of St. Francis in the Light of His Writings" Greyfriars Review. 3. no. 3 (1989) Pgs. 241-66. ♦♦♦
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(This is the English translation of the article: "Zur Mystik des hl. Franziskus von Assisi in Lichte seiner 'Schriften'" from Abendlandische Mystik in Mittelalter Stuttgart, 1986, pp. 241-68)

Schmuchi, Octavian. (Patrick Colbourne OFM trans.) "The 'Way of Life According to the Gospel' as It was Discovered by St. Francis of Assisi" Greyfriars Review 2. no. 3 (1988) Pgs. 1-56 ♦♦♦
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(This is the English translation of the article: "'La Vita secondo il Vangelo' gradatamente scoperta da S. Frencesco d' Assisi" in Italia Francescana 59. (1984): Pgs.341-405.)

Multimedia and Web Sources (Alphabetical by Director's Name)

Graphic Novel

Gasnick, Roy. et al., “Francis, Brother of the Universe: His Complete Life's Story.,” ♦

This resource is made possible with the generous permission of : "The Catholic Historical Research Center (CHRC) of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was created in 1989 to collect, preserve, and make available to the public the historical sources illuminating the history, culture, and growth of Catholicism in the United States. Our collections include records that document the history of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, as well as the collections of the American Catholic Historical Society, the oldest Catholic historical society in the country." from their website.