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Alison Larsen, 782-6765  
Program liaison areas: Actuarial Science, Applied Math, BioChemistry, Biology, Business Analytics, Chemistry, Computational Science, Data Science, Environmental Studies/Science, Mathematics, Student Designed Interdisciplinary Major
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Alicia Pearson 783-2591
Program liaison areas: Criminal Justice, Education, Political Science, Sociology
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Catherine Crohan,  782-6725
Program liaison areas: English, Management, Marketing, First Year Experience
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John Raymond, 783-2522
Program liaison areas: Communications, Creative Arts, Philosophy, Visual Art and Design
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Kelly MacWatters, 783-2588
Program liaison areas: Accounting, Health Studies, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work
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Sean Conley,  783-2539
Program liaison areas: History, Classics, Finance, Religious Studies
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Patricia Markley 783-4196
Program liaison areas: Astrophysics, Applied Physics, Computational Physics, Economics, French/Modern Languages, Physics, Spanish
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