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This guide was created as a research starting point for students enrolled in ENGL 345, Early American Literature (1500-1820).

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Course Description (from Professor Dearing's Syllabus)

Early American Literature

This courses examines literature we now call "Early American" even though some of it was written before "Americans" or "American ideas" or "American writing" was defined , or even recognized, by national, international, or geographical perspectives. We will study the origins and developments of the American literary traditions from the period of European expansion through the establishment of the Early American Republic. We will read Early American Literature within an historical and literary context and great attention will be placed upon Early American religious practices, politics, economics, social structures, and education. The reading selection will also have a capacious definition of "American," reflecting the importance of representation as well as the diverse voices and traditions present in "American" literature. We will pinpoint the authors' toles in American historical and literary development as well as the creation of the ever changing "American story" and "American character."

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