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E-books at Siena: Home

Standish Library offers e-books from several different publishers. This page is intended to introduce and explain the different e-book options that you will come across when searching library resources.

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E-book Collections at Siena

Each collection varies in terms of usage, printing and access capabilities.  See the collection specific information (tabs above) for further details.

Need an e-book we don't have?

You can request an e-book for purchase by filling out this form

What is an e-book?

An e-book, short for electronic book, is a book in digital format.  Some books are born digital (were never in print previously) and others are digital copies of the print format.  E-books have grown steadily in numbers and preference with the advance of gadgets that are used to read the e-book in our increasing digital age.

Siena College offers e-books from several providers, all of which are available via Saint Search.  Many of them also have records in CYRIL, the catalog, as well.  Click here to see a complete listing of all e-books found in CYRIL.

Searching is available via Saint Search or our classic catalog

E-book records in CYRIL


Many of the e-books available at Siena has a record in CYRIL.  There are ways to tell if an item is an e-book or a print book:

  • The catalog image associated with all e-books is:
  • After the title of the book, the phrase 'electronic resource' will follow.
  • There will be a link to click on in the record that will take you to the book
    • Each collection of e-books will have a different display of the link, see the Collections tab to get collection-specific information.  



Search all eBook collections

Off-campus access

The use of e-books is available off-campus for members of the Siena Community.  Once you have located a book in the catalog, click on the appropriate link to get to the e-book platform.  Before you land at the platform you will be prompted for your login credentials (the same login used for the computers on-campus).  Enter your credentials and you should then pass through to your desired e-book.  

Want to learn more about e-books?

The librarians are happy to help answer e-book questions, help set up devices and troubleshoot problems. You are encouraged to fill out this form for an appointment. 

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